Funlola's Workshop
Creator of tiny and shiny things



Hi! I'm Funlola Coker. I'm a Polymer Clay lover and Metalsmith. I'm originally from Lagos, Nigeria. I'm currently living in Memphis, Tennessee.

I started making miniatures because of the need to work with my hands and the desire to sculpt something out o nothing. I enjoy the challenges that come with achieving intricate detail on such a small scale.  The process makes sense to me and allows me to make sense of everything around me.  This feeling opens up a space for creativity where I'm inspired to work for hours. Miniatures amaze me. They carry such wonder despite their size.

My metalwork is an ongoing exploration of form an color. I study shapes and motifs in architecture from my travels and translate them into wearable art. I use nonferrous metals as a canvas and manipulate the form of the metal. It is embellished by enameling it with vibrant colors and different finishing techniques. I create each piece so that you can don and covet them for a lifetime. These bold designs accompanied by subtle colors can be easily integrated to every day wear.

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