Funlola's Workshop
Creator of tiny and shiny things


b. 1986, HK.


Hi! I'm Funlola Coker, Polymer Clay lover and Metalsmith. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, currently living in Memphis, Tennessee.

My brand focuses on jewelry for a broad range of people. From tiny donuts and succulents to art deco inspired pieces for the modern wearer.

I enjoy the flexibility that working with different materials affords me. It allows me to open up my work to a wider customer base.

My first collection of jewelry is inspired by food and plant life. I sculpt realistic miniatures from polymer clay with great attention to detail. This line is a top seller for younger patrons, but it is made for all ages and occasions. The designs in my polymer clay line are seasonal. My food themed jewelry includes spring fruits and vegetables in the spring, while summertime is perfect for making lots of succulents.

My second collection of jewelry is made with precious and non-precious metals. This work is inspired by shapes and motifs in architecture that are translated into wearable art. It is embellished by enameling it with vibrant colors and different finishing techniques. Each piece is created with care so customers can covet them for a lifetime. These bold designs and striking colors can be easily integrated into everyday wear. My goal with this collection is to use traditional metalworking and enameling techniques and integrate them into modern designs in jewelry. This line includes a wide range of one of a kind items and some limited edition pieces. Customers rest assured that they are purchasing small batch jewelry only owned by a handful of people.

Follow the link to my Etsy shop if you'd like to see more!

For wholesale inquiries, hit the contact button below. I will send you info on how to order.